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Thruxton 2.01

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Version 2.0 release notes:
What started as a ‘quick job’ to add extra grid spots turned into a several weeks long complete reworking of the entire track using LiDAR data. Key updates listed below:

Track layout and elevations completely reworked using LiDAR data for increased accuracy.
High-res physical mesh with subtle bumps added for better road feel.
Added extra grid / pit spots for up to 32 cars.
Added new hospitality centre building and many more trackside objects.
Updated look and feel and signage to better match 2021 specs.
Added new banking / runoff area and barriers at Church corner.
Implemented proper working start lights.
Added new tarmac patches to match current look of track.
Added more groove / rubber areas.
Some kerbs lowered slightly to solve AI issues.
New AI.
Completely redid all trees and tree textures.
New Camera sets.
Reworked 3d grass with new textures – but highly recommend using Custom Shaders Patch Grass FX.
Fixed flag objects to work properly with CSP dynamic flags.
Included CSP config for Grass FX, Dynamic Flags, and Rain FX


Sorry this has taken so long!
Release Notes 1.0 27/01/17
Fixed start-finish timing gate issues where it was possible to not register a lap in pits if too far to one side.
Fixed sector 1 and 2 timing gates where it was possible to not register a lap if off track.
Removed black flag penalty for 4 wheels out on exit of Club Chicane – start finish line was too close to slow down and black flag was too harsh.
Adjusted penalty for cutting track at Club chicane to just 2 secs as it’s easy to be pushed off here.
Fixed grid spacing positions as cars were way too close together on first release.
Fixed non physical tyrewall on outside of Village corner where cars could pass through.
Removed flying tire stack at world centre.
Fixed incorrect track length in UI description.
Made a few cosmetic changes to textures to match recent changes at the circuit.
Updated textures to kerbs with proper specular and detail maps – still work in progress.
Updated textures on many buildings.
Added camera facing crowds.
Added many other trackside objects and infield buildings.

Release Notes 0.8b 09/05/15
To coincide with this weekend's BTCC meet at Thruxton, I am very pleased to finally present the first public beta of my scratch made Thruxton circuit. Although fairly polished please remember it is still a work in progress and there may be areas that are in need of improvement, or as yet undiscovered issues. The track surface / elevation itself is pretty much final – I have worked closely with someone with many years experience working at the racing school at Thruxton to ensure that the track is as accurate as reasonable without a laser scan, so I am unlikely to make more changes to it based on YouTube videos anyone may have seen with wildly different FOV’s and shaky cameras! It may not be perfect but it’s pretty close.

Any major issues people are having I will try to address quickly with minor updates, and I will also collate and address any feedback I feel is valid in due time for the full release.

There is much I still want to do to add more details and make it better, and I have already put hundreds if not thousands of hours into this track so any donations are much appreciated!

Huge thanks go out to Fordman for his excellent videos and support and for pushing me on to get this far! David Hornsey for his vital inside knowledge of the real circuit. FestaPWR for testing everything to destruction! Norbs for yet another set of great cameras. Bill Wiskins and Az Edwards for reference images that I have consulted hundreds of times, and also to Nobby76 and Rigel for the useful items in the resources thread.

Known Issues
Since this release, some have reported an issue with laps not being counted if you go off track at the final chicane - I will investigate as a priority.
Time Attack - although Time Attack mode is working, checkpoint graphic is incorrectly positioned.
There’s an inadvertently added small bump on the approach to Club that I don’t think is there IRL – I will smooth for next release.
Load times are quite lengthy - I will try and get this shorter for final release.
Graphics - White lines may blur out too much in distance on lower AF settings.
Some trees need UV’s adjusting due to visible edge at distance
Some penalties / off track areas may need tweaking.

General Notes
Due to hi res textures and poly count I can’t promise it will perform well on all systems, but I have done my best to try and keep performance levels similar to those of the official AC tracks, at least on my system. Please let me know if you have any issues so I can see what can be done.

Most of the distant infield buildings require proper modeling and texturing.
Start lights are not yet implemented but should be in a future update.

The track has a kind of track day rather than race day feel at the moment – I will add more trackside objects in future, or perhaps even do 2 versions.

TX_Club_1.jpg TX_Club_2.jpg TX_Cobra.jpg TX_Complex.jpg TX_Pit.jpg TX_Seagrave.jpg TX_SF2.jpg

Latest updates

  1. Thruxton 2.01

    Quick fix for tree textures behind spectator bank at the complex.
  2. Thruxton 2.0 - 2021 Update

    What started as a ‘quick job’ to add extra grid spots turned into a several weeks long complete...
  3. Thruxton 1.0

    Sorry this has taken so long! Fixed start-finish timing gate issues where it was possible to...

Latest reviews

Thank you
Great update and an awesome track. Thx
Great work thank you !
Awesome track, very well made. Thanks a lot for sharing !
thank you so much,i download it now.
Dear James, you've done a brilliant job. I love to race the 80s and 90s hothatches there. :)
Absolutely fantastic. Was there last weekend, the updated design is excellent.
awesome, thanks
Having now just done my first track day at Thruxton I can confirm you have done a fantastic job with this track well done!
Excellent work! I just found a small issue, the cars appear off tack in the circuit minimap, but it's nothing to really worry about, just a small detail. Keep it up!
James Skinner
James Skinner
Ah thanks for that - forgot to adjust this, will fix for next update!
This is great! we have an excellent Goodwood, now this fantastic track! Would you mind having a look at Castle Combe and doing a similar job there by any chance? :)
James Skinner
James Skinner
A scratch built Castle Coombe from LiDAR scan data is in the works
Great Track!
what an amazing track!
Right up there with the best, great work! Challenging to drive and really nice to look at, doesn't get much better than that!
Thanks! Gorgeous Track for full grids of Ginettas or Minis, which are some of my favorite!
One of my favourite tracks for Assetto Corsa, expertly done.
Great job, thanks alot!
Looks very good! This Track with the Mini Challange, I had so much fun. I liked the old version 1.0 but now it's even better. Lovley litte british Racetrack
Brilliant. A fantastic track really well done.
Awesome !!! keep going improving it !!!
James Skinner
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