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The Yellow Ferrari

The Yellow Ferrari 1.2

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was decided to upload it here before i delete this from my disk.
basically i made this for my personal use. but maybe i can share it for you.
The Big Yellow Taxi Ferrari inspired by what ML did for F1 2012. Fantasy Yellow Peril Ferrari.
done in 2013 & 2014 numbers editions and done in DHD and HD.
have copied materials.xml from mclaren so you will get the dark yellow like my render.
don't forget to backup your files.
Big thanks to ML2166 for providing 3D models to help us
copy and replace the livery_main & materials.xml in the version that you desire to :
<Drive>Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2013\cars\fe2

u... lalala~ *singing Counting Crows ft Vanessa Carlton - Big Yellow Taxi*
:cautious: :cautious:
i must go, my planet needs me i mean, before Enzo will get angry


Latest updates

  1. DHD added

    razor edge treatment a.k.a DHD added. and removed SD ver. ingame test and screenshots done by...
  2. sharpening the logos

    nothing change. just sharpening the logo by altering the value of MIPmaps. i'll put some...

Latest reviews

It looks cool. Not my preference though, as Ferrari is red. :)
Love it
ppff woow
(how did I not rate this by now :D)
nice job :thumbsup:
excellent ;)
Looks astonishing!
Henky SA
Henky SA
thanks Robert! :D
Looks better than the real Ferrari!
Henky SA
Henky SA
LOL Enzo would be angry if he know that XD
thanks Bram! :thumbsup:
Henky SA
Henky SA
nice please make us 2hd thank you
Henky SA
Henky SA
i'm sorry buddy, the .psd project file of this car has been sent into bin a few days ago. so i'm not able to recreate them again :(
and thanks btw. cheers.
Stunning work m8, well....a big 5*
Henky SA
Henky SA
and you have my thanks
Henky SA
Henky SA
thank you!
Nice ty
Henky SA
Henky SA
Stunning job m8 as usual. Keep up.
Henky SA
Henky SA
and you have my thanks! :D
Henky SA
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