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Tesla Model 3 "Plaid" (Fictional)

Tesla Model 3 "Plaid" (Fictional) 1.0

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PSA: There is a crash when using the preview build for CSP 1.76. As a temporary solution, delete or rename the file "animations/car_door_L.ksanim" from the car's folder, located in "steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\mpp_teslamodel3_plaidtest". Otherwise, please only use up to CSP 1.75.

Requires CSP 1.68+ MINIMUM for most features to work properly.
Recommended CSP 1.73+.

Tesla Model 3 Performance with a Plaid powertrain swap. Don't try this at home.
Brakes & aero modified to accommodate the power and not intended to be perfectly realistic. Powertrain & weight, however, are accurate.

This was just made for fun to demonstrate the sheer power of the Model S Plaid. Then I added some extras to make it actually drivable. Maybe in the future I'll do a real Model S Plaid.

Stock Model 3's now available to download separately HERE

Features include:
  • CSP Extended Physics for Aero, Brakes, Tires, Suspension
  • Various setup options for
  • Functional (and adjustable) Regenerative Braking with realistic characteristics
  • Custom center screen & navigation, functional music display
  • All basic lights functional
  • Working fog lights (bound to Extra Option A in control settings)
  • Toggleable DRLs (bound to Extra Option B in control settings)
  • Simple PBR Materials
  • Animated Wipers* (Requires CSP 1.75+)

List of known model issues:
  • *Wipers are animated, however the model has them mirrored. Supports RainFX, however I recommend against driving with RainFX if the incorrect wipers annoy you
  • Model only has a single LOD and is not perfectly optimized
  • Various minor UV maps are messed up
  • Side window reflections look weird
  • Fog light mesh is incorrect

List of known misc issues:
  • Rear turn signals use EU-spec amber lights instead of the US-spec brake light integration. This is a design choice based on the workaround I'm using to have the same mesh do multiple things
  • Rear regen brake lights may not work properly if you have "Deduplicate Meshes" checked in CSP settings, same reason as above
  • Various dash lights (headlights, turn signal indicators, etc) aren't implemented yet. For the power graph, I'm currently using a simple HP number reading until I can figure out how to use the more advanced CSP configs
  • AWD physics are off, the method used to dynamically adjust power bias (like Track Mode does) is being used to implement much more accurate Regen and cannot be used for both
Note: If you have the original MPP Model 3 with its speedometer font, that font will be replaced with the one this uses and will look a bit off in the MPP.

Looking for someone who can/is willing to work on the 3D model to help fix up some of these various issues, as I'm incompetent in regards to 3D modelling and UV mapping.

Original model and textures done by mike12345678.
CSP features implemented by Rickput.
Physics implemented by Rickput.
Special thanks: Arch (Inspiration), Fokkittah (Playtesting and feedback)

MPP Sports Coilovers – Compression And Rebound Adjustable
MPP Rear Camber Arms
MPP Rear Toe Arms
MPP Front Upper Control Arms
MPP Front Lower Control Arm Bushings
MPP Rear Spring Arm
MPP Cyber Rear Traction Arms
MPP Cyber Rear Trailing Arms
MPP Brake Master Cylinder Brace
MPP Page Mill Stainless Steel Brake Lines
UPP BFB Superlight Carbon Ceramic Front Big Brake Kit
MPP.R Performance 332x25mm Rear Big Brake Kit
MPP Lightweight Lithium Battery
MPP Partybox
UPP Adjustable Front & Rear Sway Bars
UPP Front & Rear Limited Slip Differentials
Advan RG III Wheels

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 (Street)
Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (Semislicks)
Michelin Racing Slicks (Slick Medium)




Latest updates

  1. Tesla Model 3 "Plaid" (Fictional) 1.0 Release

    Updated tires among other fixes. Made independent (no more CM parenting errors, works with...
  2. Tesla Model 3 "Plaid" (Fictional) Update 1

    - Fixed street tires - Improved slicks - Reduced max engine limiter - Adjusted default ride...

Latest reviews

I'm using CSP 1.76 and it won't load :(
great work!
The mod doesn't work it comes this code

00007FFFD9D44ED9 (KERNELBASE): (filename not available): RaiseException
00007FFFB944EF63 (MSVCR120): (filename not available): CxxThrowException
00007FFFAD910986 (MSVCP120): (filename not available): std::_Xinvalid_argument
AC\inireader.cpp (387): INIReader::getInt
AC\caravatar.cpp (582): CarAvatar::initCommon
AC\caravatar.cpp (889): CarAvatar::CarAvatar
AC\sim.cpp (1446): Sim::addCar
AC\racemanager.cpp (462): RaceManager::initOffline
AC\racemanager.cpp (174): RaceManager::loadSessions
AC\sim.cpp (320): Sim::Sim
AC\splashscreen.cpp (319): SplashScreen::postRender
AC\game.cpp (181): Game::onIdle
AC\game.cpp (210): Game::run
AC\acs.cpp (477): wWinMain
f:\dd\vctools\crt\crtw32\dllstuff\crtexe.c (618): __tmainCRTStartup
00007FFFDADC7034 (KERNEL32): (filename not available): BaseThreadInitThunk
00007FFFDC1C2651 (ntdll): (filename not available): RtlUserThreadStart
CSP is required to use this mod.
Pretty fun, thanks
Hilarious to drive.
The exterior and interior modeling is nice but the physics need a lot of work, steering and understeer feel is not very good.
Awesome tesla car thank you. I tought I never see the day of driving tesla in assetto. It really is smth else
Fantasic job!! Just wondering what showroom you used for the screenshots, the japanese one. Keep up the great work!!
It's Kyoto - Gion from DDM (available in #mod_releases in SRP discord)
File size
56.9 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.00 star(s) 8 ratings

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