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The port of my Telemetry Tool for Assetto Corsa Competizione is here.

This version works now well also with Assetto Corsa Competizione.

I have developed this tool for many years for the F1 series, but lately have added support to other games, which I myself actively play.

This is the tool to make you drive faster regardless of your driving level.

The tool can be used both offline and real-time to analyze telemetry data, car behaviour and race history.

Key features:

  • Compare your own laps (speed, controls, forces, line driven etc) in graphs or visually
  • Compare many laps at the same time
  • In real-time map see position of other cars + the pit window (i.e. where you will land after successful pitstop)
  • Extensive data for race, fuel use averages (also per fuel mix mode), how long the tyres will last etc.
  • Very accurate time DELTA to other cars
  • Race history, which you can also save for later viewing
Easy install, but remember to first read the ReadMe.txt from the .zip

How to install
1) Unzip the package, where you want to run the tool from
2) After unzip:

For first time running, check the pretty short Youtube video on how to install the tool.

Windows users, just double click the runWin_ACC.bat. This start the ACC_Relay (shmem to UDP tool) + the Telemetry tool itself.

In short, you start the tool in ACC mode, set the ACC settings via 'Settings' --> 'ACC Settings', start ACC and get going.

Linux/mac users, check the ReadMe.txt for install instructions. Then check the YouTube video.

But as said, read the ReadMe.txt first, just to be on the safe side. There is also a help inside the tool, so when you have the tool running, press F1 to show the help.

And there are few help videos also on Youtube.


Some screenshots:




Race map



Driver DNA

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Latest reviews

Great utility - especially useful for owners of SF1000 Thrustmaster wheel (LEDs and LCD UDP forwarding support!)
Holy moly! What a sweet thing!
Really Nice Tool. Very good for analyzing your Braking when comparing with an Opponent Lap. Also it helps me to get better PSIs with the help from the Statistics Page then ingame.
Didn't even notice you ported this masterpiece over! Finally I'll see in detail where exactly I'm loosing 2 whole seconds on Mount Panorama.

Thanks for your great work, immersion is one thing but the amount of time I can save analizing gameplay footage and instead watching data is the biggest plus.
Really good work man. RESPECT so cool to have men like U to improve the game and the simracing experience. Keep working and I prefer u tool to Z1 analyser. It would be cool to have a link to data base of the community of the best Time for each track and car to improve
Iko Rein
Easiest way to learn from your "opponents", would be to turn on the 'Opponent lap saving' (works with ACC, PC2, AMS2 and F12018 to F12020). This way when you do offline or online race, the tool will save opponentlaps with basic data traces, which you can use to see where you are losing time to the fastest guys.

For the "global best times board", that is something i have had in my mind for some time. I have done some work on the background to be able to host such leader board (laptime + sectors times per game, per track + per car). I am just bit limited on free time at the moment, but this work is slowly advancing, as I got a domain + hosting for it set last week. But more on that when it is ready.

The app works really good but I don't know how to broadcast the data to another computer. Would you help me please???
Really a great and MIGHTY tool. A BIG THX!
Great tool, thanks so much!
best app so far
Iko Rein
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