Team Reboconort Truck Racing 2015

Team Reboconort Truck Racing 2015 v1.1

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Skin of the Reboconort Truck Racing Team 2015 from Portugal around Driver Eduardo Rodrigues.

In original it is a MAN but my personal favorite to paint the design was the Scania. I hope you like it ;-)

If Anyone know where to get more Tracks for the Game FormulaTruck2013 so it is possible to simulate the complete seasons of the BTRA and ETRC send a Message :)

Extract this Files to: x:\FTruck2013\GameData\Vehicles\FTruck\Skane_Teams\Reboconort
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Latest updates

  1. v1.1: added, and readme file :-)

    v1.1: added, and readme file :-)
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