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Symmons Plains International Raceway is located on Midland Highway some 30 km south of Launceston.
The track is known for several interesting features including its very long back straight with a kink, its extremely tight hairpin bend at the end of the front straight and the unusual placement of the original start/finish line and grid that was on a curve.
This is a conversion of Whata-Designs Symmons Plains Raceway for rFactor 2.
Thanks To Shaun Stroud for his permission to bring this to Assetto Corsa.
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I think I might be a tad late but... There's no grass textures - you can see through the map ahah. Bar that rather annoying problem it's a pretty great track
muchas gracias por el circuito
Great the more aus/nz tracks the better. good work
Very technical track which does not seem that way at first. So many different lines through corners allowing overtaking for the brave.
Perfect! Thank you.
Lily this track is my local race track. I agree at first it does seem boring but if you give it a go as in put in a decent amount of laps hopefully you might find it is not as boring as it first seems but quite challenging and fun.

Here is a link to what goes on at Symmons Plains:
5 stars for you work, you know your stuff, it looks very good.
1 star only for the track itself, which is utterly boring.
Who the hell created this track?
Anyway, that gives you an average of 3 stars. :)
Wonderful, another Aussie track.
Thank you.
Thanks for your efforts,really appreciate this addition,fun to drive
Great to have this track in the game. Thank you!