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Sydney (2 Seasons, 2 Layouts) 2.00

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Sydney Motorsport Park for AMS v2.0

Special note :
It should be possible to overwrite an old version of Eastern Creek with this update. I recommended removing any previous versions of "EasternCreek" from your locations folder before installing this version.

You will find the track listed in the AMS main menu under
"Addon Tracks / Sydney Motorsport Park"





2017 update :


Hello guys.
It is the WE, time to burn some rubber.

I am really happy to present you this track simply because I love it...:inlove:
Thanks to Richo for the initial job ans permissions. Precise work. But 2016 version is different from the version he did and a lot of work was needed to update it. Many things redone here to match as much as possible 2016 version but some very little details still missing.

I chose to release only garner version becasue of some inaccuracy on other layout. Would need a long work again. But Garner is the best layout to me.

Thanks to Denis for pictures
Thanks to Gringo for this usefull help and AIW tweak.
Thanks to Luigi for cams. He already did a first version and I am waiting for the new one. This one is good enough and I will patch the track when I will get them.

Hope you will have great fun on this track.

Latest updates

  1. Sydney MSP (Eastern Creek) extensive track renovation, Add the Druitt layout

    (Sydney_(EasternCreek)_AMS_V2.00.7z) MD5 = 9D8BDEE4FD2CAD6D8AB138FF9072C7DB Hello AMS sim...
  2. Grass update and GDB update with real life temperatures

    GDB update with real life temperatures
  3. new things

    new tires, vehicles, poeple, grass textures, flying objects, etc...

Latest reviews

I love this track
All your tracks are perfect. Thank you for all your works.
Did you think about conversion of some of these for GTR2.
A great track made even better! Awesome job with the z-fighting improvements. Much appreciated.. Thanks!
Lovely job on this update, really great to see the work being done by Gringo.
Thank you for this superjob, what should we do without you.
You're one of the unspoken Kings of AMS, absolutely love your work and continue to do so. I hope a Winton 2.00 is on the cards as well, but until then, i'll continue to burn rubber on your tracks. Cheers bud.
What Alex72 said....and thank you so much for your contributions!
Wonderful update. Thank you for sharing.
I love you for the continuous vitalization of AMS. Thank you!
Phenomenal update with the usual maniacal attention to detail. Thanks especially for the new layout. Maybe someday we will see a third one? :)
10/10 - Thanks for this.-
my favorite australian track, so well made
Thanks for the update ..very much appreciated :)
Thank you for the update.
Thanks for the update, great job.
Best of the best!!
Found a couple of hidden surprises which tripped me up but great version, thanks Patrick
Thanks for this.
Only the best .. THX Patrick
Patrick Giranthon
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233.6 MB
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User rating
4.94 star(s) 66 ratings

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