SweetFX v1.5 for Grid 2 1.0

It's a mod built on the InjectSMAA shader injector, that allows you to apply a suite of post proces

  1. Ydd3
    Grid 2 Sweet FX 1.5 .jpg Grid 2 Sweet FX 1.5  .jpg
    Key Features :

    Compatible with 64bits games/apps
    FXAA integrated without the need of an external DLL
    New effects liike film grain and blur/bloom
    Effects are separated from SMAA/FXAA to avoid artefacts
    No more exotic file locations, everything should be dropped in the executable folder of the game/app
    Somewhat better compatibility (more games supported) : DX9 all the games that use swapchain:
    present now work with SweetFX, Farcry3 now works in DX11
    Better performance for DX9 (DX11 performance is the same as MrHaandi's)
    Better screenshot naming (app name + date & time as part of the filename)
    Key mapping fully integrated in the SweetFX_settings.txt file
    Ability to load external d3d9 wrapper (much like ENB proxy)
    Ability to completely disable antialiasing and only use SweetFX shaders
    Source-code, now we have one : )

    Update 2013-06-01 :

    Fixed compatibility issues (Grid 2, Dota2, Black OPS 2...)
    Added gaussian blur, bloom, (costly) unsharpmasking for DX10/11 as well

    Look in Discussion for SweetFX Settings DB Collection