Super Touring '93 from F1 Challange 0.95

Super Touring '93 from F1 Challange

  1. AndreasFSC

    Reuploaded by request. I haven't had the time to work more on the conversion, so there are probably some bugs and conflicts... :p
    So the mod is what it is for now.

    "This is NOT my mod (it's made by SSM and OllieC), but I've spent some time to make it work in Race07. This is a conversion I made by request.
    This is a conversion from a Rfactor conversion by Evo M.
    There's posibilities for a lot of improvements in this conversion, something that can be made later. Be prepared for a cool mod with some bugs ;) Adding skins is not recomended..."
    /AndreasFSC Andreas Larsson,
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