Summit Point Raceway

Summit Point Raceway .95

No permission to download
nice little track , thanks!!
Clean looking track DB. Great job on the track and update.
I've been waiting so long to have my local track in Assetto Corsa, thanks so much for putting this together, the track is very well done!
Very good little mod of an iRacing circuit. Cannot wait for version 1.0 in the future.

I've created a video showcasing this circuit mod & compared it to iRacing's version in the MX-5 Cup car. The result is very surprising.
Thanks for this really cool review. It is interesting to see the side by side.
Great job on this track.
Really nice
Just had time for a couple of laps. Looks great! Thank you very much.
Great upgrades, better track feel
Lots of fun with this 0.8 version.
Many thanks!
A gorgeous and faithful rendering of a classic! THANK-YOU!
What a cool hometown kinda track feel. Great midsize car track. Thanks.
So happy to have this track is AC at last.
AI is a bit slow, but it already looks great.
really great stuff! please finish this project to 1.0 with detailing the track. ;)
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