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Strategy MOD 3.0

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This mod increases tyre cutoff times so you can one-stop or two-stop with similar finish race time.

It is much more interesting and you can choose your strategy. If you do qualifying on medium you will be faster on one stop, if you go softs you will probably need to two-stop to get the most benefit.

This also works for wet tyres.

25 and 50% races.

If you play on 100% do not use this mod.

More safety car chance

New fuel injection system:
(1)LEAN - slow but much more fuel saved
(2)STANDARD - default
(3)RICH - much faster but consume fuel more (great for overtakes)

Full install mod, copy-paste, import xml for skins

Latest updates

  1. version 3.0

    New: Full support for 50% races Full install mod, copy-paste, import xml for skins More safety...
  2. 2.1

    small fixes
  3. version 2.0

    fixed tyre wear fixed scaling updated tyre times You must import all the files using EGO ERP...

Latest reviews

it seems AI not affected by this mod ? in my last race, only me had a two pitstop, the rest of AI still had one (career mode). not to mention that practice programs its getting harder to achieved
did you install all the files correctly? i think you didn't import cars xml files, because pracitece programs are easy to achieve because of incresed grip on the tyres on lower wear
That test is on the career mode? or GP?
Thank you very much! I'm sure many people would also be ever so grateful if you could do the same for 50% races... Thanks!
Great but would even be better if the tyre wear monitor was in sync
i'm making a new version, so i will fix the tyre wear and scaling
almost no tire wear
tyre wear is the same as default, tyre cutoff is changed
Looks very interesting!!
Do u can to do the same for 100% race?
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