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Storm 3 - F1 2014 1.4

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[MÍDIA = youtube] B7MVpNd-1Ow [/ MÍDIA]

I not authorize the use of my settings and textures or in third-party mods without credits !

Mod created with the Intent to improve the effects of smoke and spray in wet and dry, as well as improvements in the water droplets, the locked tires on the track, gum pieces flying when the car passing up!
As for sprays that year was very limited again! Codemasters did not leave a free field and made almost the same limited work in 2013 of the sprays, some sprays and smoke do not appear in rear cameras, in the replay it looks very intermittent and these problems comes in the game engine itself ! but in game is very good ! :)
also contains the Zeno DYK works (4 versions of drops) La Plata (1 Spray version) this mod is then varied to suit every taste! least for those who like to see the runway :)

versions :


- 9 different types of drops of 2 different authors, one without drops clear view!
- 2 different parameters of tracks, strong and smoother
- 3 Types of Water Spray
- Brake fumes highly visible
- Rubber gum will raise of the ground to go through them
- Text in Portuguese fixed 2014 and 2013 ( attention to install )
- All worked fumes


everything was done to match only what is pleasing to every single person !

WITH Ryder Mod Manager


made by vlasovas, zeno DYK, Kadosh54 ( La Plata )


There are so many ...
Zeno DYK, La Plata, Ryder 25, ML2166, the people who helped me this far, people who criticized me this far too, because starting that we seek to improve us!
the entire community! all Modders who leave their lives aside to do anything to please, and that many will be enjoying! and also those who do not even, one day we will known, but are on the other side of the world, and stay lot of the time a wait for our work!

Latest updates

  1. STORM 3 1.4 Version - F1 2014 - 2013

    1.4 - in Kadosh version I forgot to add the flying rubber on the track, for my carelessness...
  2. STORM 3 v1.3

    1.3 - Spray Versions Kadosh54 based on the 2013 work only with the new smoke fry of the tires...
  3. STORM 3 1.2 Version - F1 2014 - F1 2013

    1.2 - More bugs resolved - Adding Helicopters flying over the track - 3 different types of...

Latest reviews

Thank You ! Super :)
Goog job! Thank you, Julio!
Great! Thank you!
how to make wheel locked flames?
Guide: When the car locks up, smoke should start to appear slowly a few seconds.
very nice ;) great job mate :D thx for the effects
You should be working already at Codemasters for F1 2015. Great job!
I will make one last update, because the helicopters are flashing, and will change the package kadosh54 also (before or after the holidays), I wish, I would be earning some good money now KKKK
Unbelievable, great job ;) spray's water is fantastic
I love this mod. But, I do not like "braking smoke".
If locking up tire, in real, the smoke will flow to back.
But in this mod, it stays over tires.
are two segments to the smoke from the wheels, one will leave the rail on the track from time to time, the other is the smoke around the tires, unfortunately it is not as workable, I can let the smoke below, close to the original, but in much of real life it goes up, and well is the pilot's view, and is dispersed in the air, but the effect I could not reach! maybe if I miss a day to do this I improve, but I think a little hard! because the problem is: if I change it much, the trail stops working as it is, then is such a thing, I fix up one, and other spoil
Professional in modding and in attitude. Role model for new modders.
thanks for the compliment, I am preparing only one more update to end the year, would like to change the properties of DirectX 11, but this kind of thing creates a lot of conflict, probably I will not work this part, but I will bring one more addition to the mod soon !
Amazing! Thank you very much!
Yes, thank you Sir, no more drops on the onboard camera.
kkkk : )
One of the best mod so far
thanks my friend !
Great work!!
Thanks for the effort. It is excessive and unrealistic for me even using the least version.
there will be updates, I'm relaxing a bit to cool the brain, but the spray possibly I will not change because I felt good! is more or less what I wanted last year, but I will work in the smoke of land, and perhaps other things, I can make a lighter spray version if necessary, based on the short, but I need a few days to rest
come on! give this man a round of applause! great!
thanks man ! Ok ! ;)
Excellent job! Thank you very much! :)
excellent as usual. used your mods on all the f1 games. the one i look for most when a new game comes out :)
thank you for your compliment! this encourages us, very good after a month of work find positive messages here! :)
Amazing! Incredible Job!
thank you, have attention to installation, because there are many separate thing, so everyone uses what they like, the videos are quite clear on the different versions, see the two