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  1. vlasovas

    RECOMENDATIONS TO MODS 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10





    I do not authorize the distribution of this mod without the credits, with credits of the Author is another story!

    I did not like F1 2017 very much, I found the 2016 much better and workable, I made this mod just to get to play 2017 because I could not even enter the game, it could be that many liked it, but I did not like it very much, gross concrete track nothing to see with a race track in real, in the lighting seems something fake, just compare in the replay of S of Senna in interlagos with 2016, 2016 is much superior, he removed the spray texture of the cars in rain to have visibility for those who do not even F1 and only want to be easy, and in the rain races in really F1 are always enriched by this element, made only for those who do not like F1 in my eyes, how has been their goal, always the money, I am much more a Project Cars, maybe it's the last F1 I buy, but there's the mod for those who like it, many may not like it, but I just do not like the feeling of flying over the track without any bump and differences in grass and etc, like in the game!

    experimental package, softens the look to apex, adds ripples on the track, slows down and creates more jumps when in the grass, slows down a bit and causes small jumps when on the ground off the track.

    have 2 different packages with normal cameras and changed pod and rear cameras (I recommend using RMM because if the user is just copy and paste, it will not backup and the new cameras will remain, the RMM can also be used for various mods, F1 and other games, just configure the folders and rmpk.xml, for those who do not know )



    - 2 different Cockpit versions: Normal, and with look to apex and tilt of the head (you can reduce or withdraw movements in the options( no tilt))
    - Differentiated physics, just an attempt to change, I'm not very good about this kind of mod, but maybe I like someone ( maybe there is a reduction of their time, the track is not smoother more, maybe there is a mod AI that increase speed )
    - Package with official (normal) and altered cameras (with back cameras and pod offset)
    - Cameras pod offset similar to the original tv thanks to you tube Cruzadelol!
    - Preserved the Cameras pod due to people playing in split screen, I do not know if the game still has this support

    - 2 More versions with cockpit cameras and pod offset having a larger range of adjustment for your preference (you can change your settings) 2x in cockpit, and 95x in pod
    - Correction in TrackIR returning the original form in some packages
    - Possibility of aerial camera in camera pod of new packages 5 and 6

    - Added two packages without the physics attending to requests (gameplay default codemasters)
    - Correction of the greater possibility of angles in the packages that do not have it, because before the pod offsets of some had
    - Addition of the highest adjustment angle for the pods offset also of their respective packages

    - 2 more pakages Without Physics 9 and 10 (gameplay default codemasters)


    Fixed the right side of the tilt versions, now the head is tilted to the right side, sorry

    - Adding a sense of overtaking differentiated, in the intention of following the drivers' reports of the beginning of 2017

    this new addition is in the zMore Physics folder, for correct installation in case the user chooses by extraction:

    1st select the mod pack of your choice from 1 to 10 to extract in the game folder
    2nd only then extract what's inside the zMore Physics folder to the game folder

    if you choose RMM the program already does everything, with just your choices, it already backs up

    made by vlasovas
    Thanks :

    Rest in peace, Kadosh 64 (La Plata), will be in our hearts !
    Agnus Antônio da Silva, Zeno DYK, Ryder 25 ( Ryder Mod Manager and All Tools ), ML2166, and all players!

Recent Reviews

  1. maykamer
    Version: 1.5
    SUPER MERCI BEAUCOUP GOOOOD JOBS I TS FANTASTIQUE !!! thank you verry verry much !!!
  2. BLAK1978
    Version: 1.4
    cam mod its avesome...thank you
  3. seal31
    Version: 1.3
    i like your mod.But have u consider change the tilt direction to the same as we turn,like if we turn right it tilt right other then left like now
    1. vlasovas
      Author's Response
      I Fix it in 1.4
  4. paulof12015
    Version: 2017-11-16
    I wanted to ask you, this mod works in the classic ??
    1. vlasovas
      Author's Response
      I think it works yes, but I did not look for real positions in the camera pod offset of tv of the classics, I'm trying to do something in the rain of the game what in this year is difficult, I have not changed anything yet, about the cameras of the classics, but I think should work, then I give a check, in case something is wrong, I can arrange later
  5. Parad9x
    Version: 2017-11-16
    Tu por um acaso, não conseguiria postar o mod sem a modificação da pista? A questão de editar as câmeras é magnifica, acho que seria viável! Agradeço.
    1. vlasovas
      Author's Response
      runs away from the mod's proposal but is done, download 1.2
  6. paulof12015
    Version: 2017-11-16
    gracias compañero por su esfuerzo,ya que f1 2017 les complico la vida a varios desarrolladores de mods,pero usted hace un magnifico trabajo como f1 2016, .
    1. vlasovas
      Author's Response
      will have 1.1 forgot some things to track, and try to increase the camera limit kkkk
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