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Stoner Add-On For CalicoJack's Stoner Mod V1

Makes Stoner an extra rider to use with CalicoJack's Stoner #27 Mod

  1. BIKER7202
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Recent Reviews

  1. sandhi prawira
    sandhi prawira
    Version: V1
    hey sir i want to ask
    how to just copy the stoner's skill catalogue to my own data.mix. i can't replace the old one with the new data.mix because there are some different in other rider's skill catalogue and it's so tiring to edit their skill again.pls respond asap
    1. BIKER7202
      Author's Response
      The stoner uses an existing skill set from the 2012 stoner I think so it should be fine without
  2. Cazain
    Version: V1
    1. BIKER7202
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