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Stoner #27 V1.2.1

Casey Stoner 2017 skins

  1. CalicoJack
    Stoner Skins

    Including Helmet, Boots, Gloves and Suit!
    Now also number and windscreen is in.

    to replace a rider (f.e. Lorenzo) you have the change the helmet shape from shark to xlite.

    open blm file (GFXGEM_Pilots.blm) with the editor and set Lorenzo helmet from 036 to 005.



    1. s1.jpg
    2. s2.jpg
    3. s3.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Alex Marlboro
    Alex Marlboro
    Version: V1.1
    Thank You, finally i can get rid of Lorenzo
    1. CalicoJack
      Author's Response
      you're welcom! get rid of lorenzo!?!? i'm so with you! ;-) no problem
  2. BIKER7202
    Version: 2017-10-19
    Really good quality
    1. CalicoJack
      Author's Response
      Thank you!