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SR White Studio showroom

SR White Studio showroom 0.2

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Original Kunos preview vs. SR White Studio showroom 0.2 preview​

Some examples of previews created with SR White Studio showroom 0.2​

I have created this showroom because there was not a single one that gave me the look I was looking for. This is a first try, it's only version 0.2, and I will try to update it in the future because there are still a few things to tweak.

Download the mod from this page, extract it and copy the showroom to "\Assetto Corsa\content\showroom\" and the preset to "C:\Users\<YOUR_USERNAME>\AppData\Local\AcTools Content Manager\Presets\Custom Previews\".

This showroom only works with Content Manager. Do not use it with the original Kunos showroom launcher because it will look like crap. If you don't have Content Manager download it from here http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/content-manager-aka-alternative-launcher.33824/ or from here http://**********/app/

Once in Content Manager, select a car, open one of my presets and take a screenshot. That's it!

Mini guide

Open Content Manager, go to content and select a car. Then click Update previews>>Options.

Then click "Switch To CM Showroom" if you have not done yet.

Then go to scene and select a preset or a showroom and take a screenshot by clicking the [+] icon.

Remember to have the latest version of Content Manager, version 0.8.882.17282 or higher, by enabling "Update to non-tested versions" option in Settings>Content manager>General.
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Latest updates

  1. Made some changes to the overall look.

    Made some changes in gamma, exposure and spot light position.

Latest reviews

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looks beautiful :)
are you able to create a light "mirror effect" under the car?
I really enjoy your stuff! Keep up the good work!
look better than black IMO thxs
Nice work, many thanks! o/