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Welcome to the SPORTCARS CUP 1.3

Choose between three specs of overall 23 road legal cars and master ten of the world's greatest tracks.

!-Note: Dreampack1/2/3, RedPack, JPack, PorschePack1/2/3 DLC are required for this career mode-!

Cars: (cars not included)

- BMW M1
- BMW Z4
- Lotus Evora S
- Lotus Exige S
- Nissan 370 Z Nismo
- Nissan Skyline GTR R34
- Porsche Boxster S
- Porsche Cayman S

- BMW M3 E92
- BMW M4
- Corvette C7 Stingray
- Ford Mustang 2015
- Nissan RX-7 tuned
- Porsche 991 Carrera S

- Audi R8 Plus
- Ferrari 458
- Lamborghini Gallardo SL
- McLaren MP412C
- Mercedes-Benz SLS
- Nissan GT-R Nismo
- Porsche 911 GT3 RS
- Porsche 911 R
- Porsche 991 Turbo S


Race Calendar: (tracks not included)

1. Imola, Italy
2. Silverstone, United Kingdom
3. Spa, Belgium
4. Nurburgring, Germany
5. Mugello, Italy
6. Monza, Italy
7. Brands Hatch, United Kingdom
8. Barcelona, Spain
9. Zandvoort, Netherlands
10. Red Bull Ring, Austria



Opponents : 17
Race Weekends : 10
Practice : 20min
Qualifying : 15min
Race : 75km
Track grip : Green

Tip: For the beste experience enable tyre blankets, tyre wear(1x) and fuel consumption(1x)

!-Note: Dreampack1/2/3, RedPack, JPack, PorschePack1/2/3 DLC are required for this career mode-!

A big thanks to the team of Assetto Corsa!

Please report bugs and issues, thank you and have fun!:)
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Latest reviews

Thank you.
Thoroughly enjoy off-line championships so the more the merrier
Thank you, I love your works.
Unfortunately there is something wrong with Spa for me too. The first two races were fine, but after the Spa race there is no result. Meanwhile I'm doing the Abarth and the Evora Cup as well, but I haven't race at Spa yet.
I've found similar errors if somebody renamed the races (or the whole series), but I don't think this is the problem here.
Do you have any idea?
Thanks a lot!
Hey, nice to hear :-) Thanks.

I'm also playing different careers by myself, for example with the gallardo and I'm at race weekend seven without problems.
Then I skipped through different careers and cars, mainly to Spa and drove it, but it works every time...

Honestly, I have no idea :-(

What cars are you driving? Did you activate the penalties? Which driving assists are you using? AI Level?

My plan is to update the different careers with every dreampack or free content, if we can't find the cause of the Spa bug, should I remove Spa from the track list?
I love this track, but when more people having problems with it, maybe it's not worth it?!
Thank you. More rubber to burn