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Spa Francorchamps 2013 Track Update 1.0


  1. Bertin
    Here is update for Spa Francorchamps circuit.

    Special thanks to TTM75 and Ryder. Without PSSG editor this wouldn't be possible to do. [​IMG]

    I reworked advertising banners, as well as this year's Grand Prix. A further small adjustments.

    Back up your original files ...

    Copying files to ... steamapps/common/f12013/tracks/circuit/spa_francorchamps folder ..

    Enjoy it!


    1. SPA_1.jpg
    2. SPA_2.jpg
    3. SPA_3.jpg
    4. SPA_4.jpg
    5. SPA_5.jpg
    6. SPA_6.jpg
    7. SPA_7.jpg
    8. SPA_8.jpg