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Simhub Overlay - "ACC" - RFactor2 HUD

Simhub Overlay - "ACC" - RFactor2 HUD 1.1

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Great overlay! Gives Rfactor 2 great looks! Thanks a lot!
Installation. 1. Download and install the SimHUB program https://www.simhubdash.com/ 2. Download this Mod. 3. Unzip 4. Move everything to C: \ Program Files (x86) \ SimHub. 5. Launch SimHUB and try to acquire a new experience ...
Looks great but how do u install?
Amazing job mate!
I use this overlay for every game I use with simhub. Very good
Great overlay...I guess. But it seems that I am too stupid getting it run. I always have to disable the rF2 HUD when sitting in the car, and when trying too load your HUD I am ending in the edit mode. I know it has nothing too do with your HUD...it's my fail using SIM-Hub properly...may you can give a mini-tutorial how to get your HUD loading automaticly
Very good job. This is awesome, thanks for sharing.
absolutely love it, gives the game a more modern look. Only small complaint is that the the radar seems to always be yellow in the "rear" section. If that could be fixed it'll make this pretty perfect. thanks again
Very stylish and displays all the data needed. Well done, excellent work!
Looks great, do you instructions for install?
Yo need Simhub first, then you copy the Files at C:\Program Files\SimHub\DashTemplates and C:\Program Files\SimHub\OverlayLayouts. Now you can used it with Simhub under Dash Studio\Overlay.

I hope I could help you.