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Simca rallye 1,2,3,Basty v 3.01

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Latest updates

  1. v 3.01

    Correctly problem multiplayer online: Warning:delete old version of simca and install new...

Latest reviews

Nice trio of Simca Rallye.
I am glad this mod is created, but the cars to me needs a little more development.
I did not know the car before and never seen a real one, but the model/skin can be more attractive.
The driving dynamic is the part that really need work. I think all 3 basically has the same suspension geometry and it seems to me off taking any corners. I do not think I could finish one corner pushing the car just a tiny bit. The rear camber became positive and cannot be recovered. I reworked the geometry.ini and it was vastly improved, if anyone is interested. I do not mind sharing.
Rallye 1, after my tweak, is a fun car, much more forgiving with the rear hooked up a lot better. The car rotates into corner so quickly. The brake works amazingly good, probably because of its low mass.
Would love to see some skin or improved modeling. I love it if others want to try my suspension.ini file. Let me know.
Very good series of this historic car! I really like it. Some things could improve but for being the first version I think you have done a very very good job! Thank you again!
Thanks for this litle beast!
Great, I love this car !! Thank you!!
About the Simca_Rallye3, the front wheels seem warped, they don't turn right
Génial! Je n'ai pour l'instant essayé que la rallye 2 et c'est conforme à ce que je connais dans la vrai vie! Merci !!!
Amazing mod ! Of one of my favorite car of this period. the only problem I have is that I can't seem to be able to play it in multiplayer, every time I try to make a server with those, they ARE listed on my server, but if I try to use one, the game tells me "no slot available". I don't know if this is just me, but if not, hope there will be a fix because the mod is worth it.
Thank you for your return and i take care to multiplayer problem! ;)
Merci a eux:

Merci Mrs pour cette belle auto la meilleur modélisation a ce jour
Really good car
These cars are very fun to drive, try it on Laguna Seca!
Thank you SO much!! I really love this fantastic car!

Merci beaucoup. Mod génial. J'adore.
Very happy to have this beautiful car in Assetto. I know it from the beginning in RFactor...

Great thanks!
very big thanks , it's a good present for christmas :)
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