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Silverstone Historic (1987-1990) 2.0

No permission to download

Hi everyone.

Thanks to Uwe and Carrera.4 for original track and permissions.

Here is another historic track for... historic cars?

Well, guys, this time it will be a bit special.
Let me explain : I have never asked any money for my work on tracks and mods. First because original creators would deserve it too, and second because I never did simracing to become rich (other ways would be better for that :D).
So, will I ask you money now?
No. I only open the window for the guys who would like to thank me about my work since all these months. Even 1$ would be greatly appreciated. I dont expect everybody to give something but... who knows... 1$ for all tracks of, I hope, not too bad quality is not too much. I suppose... On 800 downloads it can be cool haha :)
But not for me! For the reiza crowdfunding campaign only.
So let's be clear. Everything I would get from you is ONLY if you want to thank me for my work. But all I will get will be given directly to the crowdfunding campaign.
Why believing me? Well, why would I lie? I dont plan to keep one cent from this, you have to trust me in fact :p

So here is a paypal account :

Please give as a gift, a lot of fees If not. Perhaps only available with the email adress :

I will ad what I got the 25th of july to close the campaign.
Please don't be offensed by this demand, it seems natural to me.

Back to the track : usual stuff added. I tried to reduce some weird bumps but it is always a difficult exercice.;)
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Patrick Giranthon
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Monza is slow compared to this. Big fun!
A Blast flatout track. Thank you
Wanted rieza to do this , but this is cool cheers pat!!!

thanks as usual patrick for all your hard work.