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Silverstone (2 seasons, DRS) 1.1

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V1.02 : 2016 version

Hi all.

After my decision to let down the GSC version I reworked some weeks ago, I changed my mind about Silverstone.
I had to fix many things there to have finally something good.
All is not perfect and still some details could be reworked but globally I am now satisfied.

All of us can thank @Gringo for his help here, about the AIW (hard to setup) and all the other things (some fixes, packing, and others tweaks).
Thanks to Denis for loading screen.
Thanks to Luigi for is special cams.

2 seasons and a separate DRS version for each.
Shame on me, I mainly tested in CART, but it was good :D

Note : GSC version was taken from WCP website with A.F. permissions
Patrick Giranthon
File size
231.5 MB
First release
Last update
4.83 star(s) 35 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Grass and temps updates on all track versions

    Grass and temps updates on all track versions
  2. Single track package of Silverstone for AMS to syncronize with the MEGA pack v1.2

    This is the same track version as found in the 24 track MEGA pack update v1.2 in a single track...
  3. Single track package of Silverstone for AMS to syncronize with the MEGA pack v1.1

    This is the same track version as found in the 23 track MEGA pack update v1.1 in a single track...
  4. Matching the megapack version

    Some adjustments. No need to dl if you have the megapack.
  5. File update

    Sorry, one file not updated in V1.01

Latest reviews

Great job ! Will you make the 2 other layouts available (National and East ) ? That would be a nice addition.
Great job! Thx!
Excellent track, I only wish there could be a pre-2010 layout (or more specifically, a 2005 layout)
Hello, I fixed the "EC35BLUE2" error. Just activated the "SweetFX Shaders" on AMS config. Great tracks, by the way. THX!
Very clean and driveable, kerbs right sized at least for me; downhill feel pretty realistic; thanks!
Amazing work, as usual! Keep up the AMAZING work, Patrick!
Top Notch!!
Another top class track thanks Patrick
flickering was fixed
NOW we're talking!
It's x1000 better than the abysmal one called "Silverstone 1991-1993 For AMS 2016-03-26". lol
At last we get a version worthy of the great Automobilista!
Personally I don't have any problems with graphics.
If there's a problem, it's on the outdated engine side, not the track itself. (hopefully it will improve)
A real joy to drive with very fast cars!
Love that you put in the black and white curbs to match the recent race weekend. I've put a lot of laps into this track, it's fantastic. Driving through Copse to Chapel is intense in a fast open wheeler.

In fact, all your tracks have been great. Thanks for the time and effort of you and your team.
Thank you. Your work efforts and contributions are greatly appreciated. Thanks heaps.
excellent thanks
Those new curbs...excellent job Patrick! Your circuit mods make AMS such a good racesim with lots of diversity. I have lots of respect for your work!!
Excellent thank you!
This last update solves 95% of the transparency and poly z fighting issue and therefore an extra star. An excellent high speed circuit and amust have track for AMS (One of the top circuits in the World).
version 1.0 very good... version 1.02 great.. thanks patrick and the team
Very happy to have Silverstone in my game, up to date and with all the AMS features. It looks like you solved the glitches that were previously reported and that we can now enjoy very nice drives! Thank you!
Version 1.02 has it all. A great track, nice curbs and fixed some minor issue's. Thanks Patrick and Gregory !
Very good.
This track is welcome in my AMS collection. I think the track mesh is above average quality with detailed physics that results in a very good road feeling and a great sim driving challenge. I really enjoy the dynamic track here... the lap keeps getting faster and faster as the rubber is laid down. Visuals are good, with some minor poly flickering, and alpha blending issues on a few objects. A solid 4 stars overall compared to the top rated AMS tracks.
very good track
Patrick and the team thanks for this .. not perfect as you say but still very good..also REM 1976 if you think not good ..why dont you do this yourself ..then we can rate you
Thanks Patrick, Love this track !!!