Shelby Cobra Daytona Chassis No. CSX2287

Shelby Cobra Daytona Chassis No. CSX2287 v1.1a

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This skin is compatible with both the AssettoGarage and AC Legends versions of the Shelby Daytona. There are 2 folders included in the download, simply copy the correct one for the car you have installed (or both) into your "assettocorsa\content\cars\" folder.

I know there are a few differences between these models and the prototype the skin is based off of, but it's just a bit of fun :)

I've used a combination of Content Manager's Paint Shop and Adobe Photoshop to try and achieve a similar finish to the real deal. Scanning numerous pictures online, the colour varies quite a bit so I've hopefully captured a nice compromise.

I hope someone else enjoys this as much as I have creating it, it's also my first public skin release.

AssettoGarage version:








ACL Version:

Norman Leslie
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Latest updates

  1. Skin fixes

    Version 1.1a: Tweaked the colour slightly Improved the look of the ACL skin
  2. Added skin for the ACL Shelby Daytona

    Version 1.1: This update adds a skin for the AC Legends Shelby Daytona. I've also included the...

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Cool skin for a great car, thanks.
Where can we found the car ?
Norman Leslie
Norman Leslie
I can’t seem to find AssettoGarages web-site anymore? Looks like it is on Assettoland though so you should be able to grab it from there
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