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Shelby Cobra 427sc - Livery Skinpack

Shelby Cobra 427sc - Livery Skinpack 0.96

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S P I F F I N G !
Good evening,
Thank you for this historic skin, it took place on the Cobra. I like the color, the care of the detail brought to this realization.
Merci !
Great skin!
For any diecast lovers and fiddlers, there's a cheap 427 Cobra diecast by Solido (the red one #23) that has the best proportions of 427 cobra currently available in diecast. But the paint quality of them is meh, so that makes them perfect candidate for repainting. I'll probably repaint it in this skin.
chili pepper
chili pepper
Cool! There's a fairly high resolution side-on photo on the web I used to scavenge the base for the number and team logo, might be of some use for decals/detailing...
Great and original idea! This will definitely be my go-to cobra skin from now on.
chili pepper
chili pepper
Thanks. Mine, too... ;)
Oh yeah!! Wonderful attention to detail, and my new default Cobra skin. Great work, and thanks for sharing!
chili pepper
chili pepper
Thanks, good call on the tires, it was the correct one.
Very good thanks!

chili pepper
chili pepper
Thanks, enjoy!