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Seat Leon Cup 3.3

Updated Seat Leon Cup

  1. Updated Seat Leon Eurocup

    Shaun Clarke
    Hi All,

    I have "finally" got around to updating the Seat Leon Eurocup. So what has changed?

    Improved Textures
    Adjusted FFB levels so it is more smoother
    Adjusted the Brakes to be more efficient
    Adjusted the Turbo to actually work properly ( so a little quicker)
    Re-done AI because of above
    Re-done Auto shifting, due to above
    Total re-work - new working Dashboard
    Working "Drive" LEDS as well as head lights
    Improved Cam angles on some of them
    Included a full Skin pack (thank you to all the original skin makers)
    Improved sounds - By Fonsecker. These was not made for this car but watching videos, it fitted it well and got permission. If you don't like them, I have included the old sounds in an "old folder in SFX folder)
    Brake Glow
    New Preview pictures using Retrolux Previews
    Added Names to all the skins, as they was previously "undefined"

    As V3.0
    New Textures and Dash - After Midnight
    Sounds - Fonsecker
    Preview Pictures - Retrolux Previews Plugin for Content Manager
    Other bits - Me
    LODS by Dreamer

    Templates are available here:

    Delete your old version is the best advise.

    To install, unzip/rar to your Assetto Corsa Folder.

    Any issues, please report to the support section


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