Seat Leon Cup

Seat Leon Cup 3.3

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This is the mod, originally by Tamas Pongracz (Tommy78) that was scratch made.
This mod fell by the wayside, and Tamas gave me full permission to work on this
and bring it up to date.
I have called it V3.0 as Tamas got up to V1.3, which is still available to download
on here so I thought I would start at a new number
This still contains all the features that Tamas put in this fantastic Mod, plus updated:

Well here it is....the updated version of the Seat Leon EuroCup.
There is a couple of things you need to bear in mind.

1) In this download there is a Fonts folder, please copy the contents of the Fonts folder in our Assetto Corsa fonts Folder (AssettoCorsa/Content/Fonts) otherwise your dashboard will be blank
2) There is some modelling issues that need to be addressed, but they don't effect the handling of the car, so that is why I thought I would release it now, and get all your feedback.

To do list is.....
Brake Glow (as car is using old shaders)
Driver Position (feet is through the pedals)
Updated Dashboard
Other small textures

So....what have I done over the last couple of months

All Cams done


Max (our real life driver, lead tester) skin done and car approved


So pictures say here goes....

Camera Angles
Sounds, internal and external
Full Suspension physics
Aerodynamiocs overhall
Handling and Steering Ratios
Force Feedback
V10 Tyres
Power and Drivetrain
Gear Ratios (got as close to DSG as possible, as AC Doesn't support DSG)
Driver 3d and Animations
Brake Fade and Brake Temps (reported back through 3rd party app)
Automatic Gearbox
Front and rear Lights and Motec (Including Flashing)
Default setup
New Preview Pictures
New Logos
Car .jsn files updated

So full credits go to.....
Original Model by Tamas Pongracz
Physics, tyres and the Rest by Shaun Clarke
Sounds by IMrIMike
Included Liveries by Lux Liveres and Tommy78's Skin
Lead Tester - Max Freidhoff (Real life Seat Leon Cup Racing Driver)

Testers - Dominic Holmes, Josh Martin, John Brandow, Paul Jeffrey, Micheal Butler, Jorge Cabrita

I welcome all our feedback (except the 3dmodel issues) these are WIP.


Latest updates

  1. Updated

    SURPRISE!!!! V3.3 As I revisited the Leon TCR, I thought "or was told" it would be rude not to...
  2. Sorry, V3.2 update - NEEDED

    HI All, Firstly really sorry about this, but here is V3.2. There was a couple of issues that I...
  3. Updated Seat Leon Eurocup

    Hi All, I have "finally" got around to updating the Seat Leon Eurocup. So what has changed...

Latest reviews

Made my day. Highly recommend if you play with a controller! It's awesome to drive.
Good job!
What a car, Thanks.
So much fun! Blasting around Feldbergring is insane... everything about this mod is awesome and i thank you for you work :)!
Great mod. Cars feel awesome and there are tons of liveries to chose from.
Bestial ! De lo mas alucinante de Assetto, es perfecto, muchas gracias. Excelente trabajo.
Shaun Clarke
Thank you
Just love these ones. Yes I know the TCR is faster, but these are more fun for me. Thankyou for updating them.
Shaun Clarke
Thank you. I do keep looking at this, and thinking how could I improve it, but I can't, so I won't :)
Feels great - thx
Shaun Clarke
Thank you for your comments, but this car is no longer updated, as it's based on 2014 data.

The Seat Leon TCR is now the new model and the version that is being improved.
Hello, at the time of modifying the windows, I keep the DDS as you say:
SLCR_WINDOW_TEMPLATE.psd - Exterior Window Template
File format: DDS - generate mipmap 10 DXT5
Name saving:
But it happens to me that, the crystal looks transparent, but the names and numbers are translucent (with the interpolated alpha)
If I change the DXT I get opaque and black glass. (without the alpha channel).
Solutions ????

(Thank you very much for this Mod, it's just great)
Shaun Clarke
Thank you for your reply, and sorry I have not replied sooner, but this car is no longer updated
I love it!
fatto bene, bravi
Excelent, nothing more to say
fantastic car to drive, TCR cars are missing in Assetto. I love the FFB in AC, it so lively :)
great contribution
Fantastic mod thanks for work boy!
I keep wondering if these Seat Leons can get any better. Yup, they do... Sweet.
Shaun Clarke
thank you
Thank you very much for keeping it better and better ! ;-)
Shaun Clarke
thank you
Great fun

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