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Seat Ibiza Gwyndaf Evans 1999 1.0

Gwyndaf Evans' Ibiza from the 1999 Mobil 1 rally championship

  1. mcmattila
    A replica of Gwyndaf Evans' 1999 Seat Ibiza. Mobil 1 Rally Champioship is back!

    This was more time consuming than I originally thought, as I had to do nearly all of the logos from scratch. There are some minor inaccuracies, but overall I'm very happy with it.

    Installation: extract the .pssg-file to "Dirt Rally>cars>models>sik>livery_45>textures_high"
    Replaces the livery #7, yellow blank.


    1. 20160313153009_1.jpg
    2. 20160313152703_1.jpg
    3. 20160313153908_1.jpg
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    Version: 1.0
    helvetin upee/****ing nice
    1. mcmattila
      Author's Response
      Tattis/Thanks! :D