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Sauber C34 on Red Bull Chassis - Launch Livery.

Sauber C34 on Red Bull Chassis - Launch Livery. 1.4

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Here's another 2015 livery! From the Barcelona Test!
The C33 chassis livery map is very complicated and limited so I opted for the Red Bull chassis again!
New update: Nasr/Driver 2 in the team uses number 12 with Ericsson/Driver 1 in the team uses number 9.
If you are driver 1 in career, simply swap the livery_main_high with livery_main_low in the textures_high & textures_low folders and rename accordingly!

I dont use a 2015 database mod so the above may apply if I got it wrong.
Any issues or suggestions then please use the discussion tab!
Thanks! :D
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Latest updates

  1. 12 and 9 numbers

    Driver numbers.
  2. Barcelona Testing Livery.

    The livery used by Sauber in the Barcelona Test.
  3. Sauber steering wheel.

    Now with the Sauber steering wheel.

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thanks again.
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Great job!
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well done !
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Well done !
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impressive work! can u up for the sauber c33 chassis too? :)
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