Mclaren Honda Livery w/ Mercedes Chassis

Mclaren Honda Livery w/ Mercedes Chassis 1.1

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Hi guys!!
This is my first mod and I am very proud of it!

Its the Mercedes Chassis being used by the McLaren team with a McLaren Honda fantasy livery!
Future updates may include changes to team wear and garage decals.
Also included is the option to make McLaren Tier 1 - You will need a new profile to use the database mod.
Any suggestions for improvements are welcome as they will probably take just a few minutes!

Cheers guys!

Fancy it in orange?

McHo tm v1.2.jpg

McHo menu v1.2.jpg
  • McHo front v1.2.png
    McHo front v1.2.png
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  • McHo tm2 v1.2.png
    McHo tm2 v1.2.png
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  • McHo T v1.2.jpg
    McHo T v1.2.jpg
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  • McHo side v1.2.jpg
    McHo side v1.2.jpg
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Latest updates

  1. Additional sponsors and tidy up.

    Side pods black is smoother. Esso Sponsor. Slight adjustments to sponsor positioning. McLaren...

Latest reviews

good but i think white and red is more in line with 2015 as the chrome was for the fact they used mercedes engines and adopted the `silver arrow` concept. as we know this is no longer the case as the real silver arrow is now a world championship winner with the w05.
Lesley Buurlage
4.99/5 almost perfect :D
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