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S. Bedoret - TAC Rally 2019

S. Bedoret - TAC Rally 2019 2019-05-21

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This is the spectacular livery for the Skoda Fabia R5 which was driven by S. Bedoret and T. Walbrecq in the TAC Rally 2019.
They finished 2nd both in their class and overall.

  • TAC Rally 2019 rally plates
  • Dirt Rally 2.0 rally plates
  • Yellow rims
  • Black rims
Do not redistribute any of the textures without permission or proper credits.
2019-05-21_1202.png 2019-05-21_1203.png 2019-05-21_1204.png 2019-05-21_1204_001.png
Sim Vansevenant
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  1. S. Bedoret - TAC Rally 2019

    Livery update: Spotted an issue and fixed it.

Latest reviews

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Maybe the best DR2.0 Skoda Fabia livery!
Sim Vansevenant
Sim Vansevenant
Thanks! Really appreciate that!
THX ;)
Nice, thx
Nice Skin, Thanks!!
Bonjour, comment dois-je faire pour avoir la livrée dans le jeu après l'avoir téléchargée sur le site svp ?
Sim Vansevenant
Sim Vansevenant
Put my sr5 folder in the Steam folder named 'cars'.
Hello the car is superbly done. Unfortunately I can not make the .nerfs file. Could you do it for me with the black rims version and the dirt rally 2.0 plates. ? That would be really nice. If so, you can send me to christophe_celen@hotmail.com
In advance, a big thank you for your work
Vraiment top ....Merci
Now that's a good looking car! Nice job, thank you :)
Sim Vansevenant
Sim Vansevenant
You are welcome. And thank you.
Woah !! Great Job !
Sim Vansevenant
Sim Vansevenant
Thanks! Really appreciate it!