rTeam Fiat 131 Abarth Racing - S1 and Normal

rTeam Fiat 131 Abarth Racing - S1 and Normal 2.1

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Latest updates

  1. ADD DIRT TYRES on the Racing version

    Have fun with the ground! ;)
  2. Add the 131 Abarth Racing Paolo Diana

    RACING PAOLO DIANA S1 The RedDevil ORIGINAL have fun! ;)
  3. The RedDevil 131 Abarth tuning by rTeam Motorsport (Original version inclused)

    The RedDevil 131 Abarth (Step1 of the 131 Abarth original version) Tuning by rTeam Motorsport...

Latest reviews

bellissimo ma ho problemi col suono, non si sente, come faccio?
Very nice,but i have some truble with the engine sound.In TV camera 7,8 and 9 i have no engine sound.Have you some idea for the problem?I don't have the same problem with other cars.Thanks
Thank you very much,wat this car for Rally.
I really enjoy these three, but the Red Devil is the BEST! Thanks for your work.
A must-have for any hillclimb racing fan.
Too bad the racing skin doesn't show though.
This Forza model conversion isn't realistic at all. The wheel track is much more wider than IRL and the rim / tyre walls also bigger than it should be.

Like it a lot, phisics are good and S1 engine is great, both powewr and sound. A little thing should be fixed in my opinion: the car is too high from ground, I would like to have a setting range which let me lower it 10cm more. Also shock absorbers settigns would be welcome. The gear shifting is too fast for that old car, but I like it as is, quick and responsive.
Thanks a lot , good job
Oh.. my.. can't wait to try this.. Thanks!
Thanx mate!
Awesome job , congratulation and cheers to all the team.....thanks for the sharing ! :)

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