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RSS Formula Americas 2020 - Red Bull Racing Honda - Max Verstappen #33

RSS Formula Americas 2020 - Red Bull Racing Honda - Max Verstappen #33 1.1

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I was surprised to find that there was no Red Bull livery for the RSS Formula Americas 2020. Then I saw the template and realized it didn't really lend itself to the particular requirements of this skin.

Still did it, and cried the entire time. (For legal reasons, this is a joke.)

Anyway, here's Max Verstappen's 2021 Red Bull Racing IndyCar. Sort of.

Attention: Only includes the car skin, preview and UI file. It's only the Road Course version. Also I'm awful at making helmets, but there's @JSoria's brillant helmet mod right here.


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  1. RSS Formula Americas - Red Bull Racing - Max Verstappen (oval version included)

    Based on feedback, I threw together an oval version as well. Enjoy!

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I concur with the points made by @chas1723, but I think that an alternative livery for the oval-spec version of this car is in order. If I try to use this version of the livery on the Oval spec, both wings and the tail-end of the sidepods are a solid black which doesn't look right.
Which is why I stated in the description that it's only the Road course version. Not really an oval guy, so didn't think to make it oval-compatible. Might look into it though, thanks!
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Pretty good skin. A little more work and it would be a great skin. Just the little things like steering wheel, rim and tire logos and maybe a custom helmet, suit and gloves and this would be all set as perfect.
Thanks for the feedback! Definitely gonna take a look at the things you suggested.
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Great) Add a ORACLE logo on sides)
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