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ROAL Motorsport BMW Z4 GT3 - #33 Alessandro Zanardi 0.9.9 Final

Special Livery for Para-Cycling Champion

  1. General improvements

    -Removed BAHUMER logo from hood. It was only for Azerbaijan GP.
    -Better Rim blur effects.
    -Better headlight tint color tone.
    -Other minor improvements.

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  2. General improvement

    After found out original car livery logos etc. I turned the design from Azerbaijan edition to original one. This may be final version.
  3. Rim and Tyre blur effects.

    -Rim and Tyre blur effects.

  4. File update

    Unnecessary files removed
  5. File update

    Unnecessary files removed
  6. Additions and Improvements

    -A.Zanardi drawings on doors added.
    -Pirelli PZERO tires added.
    -Rims improved. (rear rims has to be completely black but I don't know how to seperate them from front rims)
    -Some other improvements.

    Still undone:
    -No ROAL Motorsport logo on rear wing.
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