RoadDark Paint Layers 1.2

Photoshop file of road markings.

  1. ebrich
    PS Road markings.jpg
    Mudd-H added a custom folder for the 3 current styles included:
    Original white by Ennis and the White + Yellow variation of e
    To make it more complete, he added some arrows and chevrons custom shapes I have.
    If you want more, there's a plenty of free custom shapes for photoshop all over the web.
    He also decide to add 4 new textures that he created by blending some of the textures source I have.
    So that make it a quite complete PSD to create paint overlays without much effort.
    It's now easy to create your own lines template and applying a paint effect.
    He also added to the zip 2 free fonts use in the PSD that he liked for RoadPaint.