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Leslip Revival Snow Track 1.0

Snow race track.

  1. ebrich
    This is a track I started, in 2012 in GTLegends, mainly as an exercise in building up some snow objects and textures and trying them out.

    Thanks to barcika and his snowfx idea I dug out my BTB project and finished it off adding snowfall all round the track. Surprisingly the fps running 12 cars and all that snow was still acceptable on my average PC.

    Thanks also go to BlackKnight Lee, for his lanterns, Robin Collier for reinventing my startman and snow textures from Pp's Textures Janvier_PLP Xpack.

    Installation - For rFactor 1.
    Unzip Leslip_Revival_folder. Cut your commonmaps.mas from your track Locations folder and paste it elsewhere, replacing it with the commonmaps.mas that's in the unzipped folder. I have only added a snow dust texture file to the commonmaps.mas.and not deleted anything.

    Then place the Leslip_Revival track folder into the same Track\Locations folder and your ready. Revival001.jpg Revival002.jpg Revival001.jpg Revival002.jpg Revival001.jpg Revival002.jpg Revival003.jpg Revival004.jpg Revival005.jpg
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