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RGT8 GT3 - Manthey #910, #911, #912 - 2016 VLN 3 v1.0

Ruf RGT8 GT3 - Porsche Manthey #910, #911 and #912 - 2016 VLN 3

  1. nsss
    Liveries for Ruf RGT8 GT3

    2016 VLN 3
    Porsche Manthey #910
    Porsche Manthey #911
    Porsche Manthey #912

    For installation use Crowtrobot's Custom Livery Tool and then
    additional instructions for matte effect, few additional details and tires are included ;)
    aa4.jpg aa.jpg aa5.jpg aa2.jpg aa3.jpg
    Enjoy =)
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Recent Reviews

  1. cofasix
    Version: v1.0
    Brilliant! Thanks!
  2. GeForce06
    Version: v1.0
    fantastic work.....thanks a lot!!!
  3. racerm
    Version: v1.0
    Great work! Thanks! Would you consider doing the three 2016 ADAC GT Masters Porsches? I hope so. Thanks in advance!
    1. nsss
      Author's Response
      We'll see. I won't promise anything at the moment.