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(REQUESTED) Sean Bulls Panasonic Jaguar

(REQUESTED) Sean Bulls Panasonic Jaguar 1.0

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I love the look of the package but I'm struggling with actually importing the mod into the game; the usual method using ERP and .dds files isn't working as it says the MIPMAPS aren't supported. Any advice?
This is a copy and paste install there is no need to use ego erp
Really beautiful. Adding crews would be a pure delight!
for the first time i saw this design i though "if only someone could make it". and here we have! thank you very much for this! ♥
I don't know why, but every other livery turned to a very bad quality, there's a way to fix this? Ps:your job was amazing
you mean every livery other then the racenet one?
bro this is so good, i know this is last, but IF ONLY you added more real sponsors, you'll be my hero :)
im just dreaming i know..
Added more real sponsors? Not sure what you mean by that. This was a requested livery based on a design
absolute perfect amazing work
just in time, i just started my second season haha

Thank you dude! :)