Renovated(repainted) Satsuma engine/frame 1.2


  1. KillTheNoise
    Replaces textures and specular map of original engine to pimped (texture of screws also)style. I have added red repaint option in 1.2 update. It's normal repaint, not rural. Everything in one file.

    1. create new folder and put UnityAssetsExplorer.exe there.(You can find it in google)
    1,5. You launch unity assets explorer
    2. you press open assets-file
    3. you select .assets file(depends on what you want to install,[read deeper updates bookmark]{.assets files are located inside mysummercar_data folder}-in ur instalation folder}})
    4. you're looking for file .tex named as mod that you want to replace
    5. you press right mouse on it and choose ,extract this file,
    6. file is extracted where you uziped Unityassetsexplorer(if you have selected sharedassets1.assets, file that you extracted will be in folder sharedassets1
    7. you go into that folder there will be .tex file, delete it, and paste moded file.
    8. go back to UAE, select the same file u extracted, press right on it and select,, import this file from DDS,,
    9. if everything went fine there should be no error message.
    10. if you made this then press ,,Save as assets_file,, (right top) and select .assets 1 or 2 depends on what you opened

    sry I can't write this in easier way

    20161123204309_1.jpg 20161123204335_1.jpg
    To install use Unity Asset Explorer to replace motorparts_atlas.tex & motorparts_atlas_spec.tex (all in sharedassets1)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Girthwyrm Jim
    Girthwyrm Jim
    Version: 1.2
    Well done! I love the bluish purp color
  2. Ian Grimard
    Ian Grimard
    Version: 1.2
    Great texture! Is there any way you could make me one with blacked out grille bumpers and other chrome trim? trying to do it myself but having issues
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