Renault RS20 (Pre-Season test livery)

Renault RS20 (Pre-Season test livery) 2020-02-15

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Jayden Wilkins
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed Blue Decal

    I have updated the plugin and fixed the incorrect coloured decals!
  2. Attempted Decal Fix

    I've tried to fix the decal file. Let me know if it works! Hopefully will as playtest was a success!
  3. Ignore drag drop (broken for now)

    Sorry! Every who wants to use this mod must use the manual dds installation due to the drag drop...

Latest reviews

looking great!
God Work :) , Mclaren ??
Jayden Wilkins
Jayden Wilkins
I'll give it a go! Thank you!!
Lovely done,thanks a lot
Jayden Wilkins
Jayden Wilkins
Thanks for the support!!!
mod is broken ,doesnt work...
Jayden Wilkins
Jayden Wilkins
If u install the dds files rather than the drag drop, it will work. Has worked for everyone using that method so I’d try that. If not, message me and I’ll see what I can do