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Renault R.S.01 GT-Sport v1.1

Carbon Renault R.S.01 skin for EEC GT3 Mod

  1. ClimaxF1
    Hi Guys

    Here's a skin a did for the EEC GT3 Mod and their AMS EEC R.S.01 Cup Series mod.

    Hope you guys like, have fun :)

    Renault_GT_Sport.jpg Renault_GT_Sport_1.jpg Renault_GT_Sport_2.jpg Renault_GT_Sport_3.jpg


    You have to have at least the base mod to play with this skin.


    AMS EEC R.S.01 Cup:


    P.S. I have setup the files that you can drive this car as a stand alone test car in the EEC GT3 mod or you can race in the R.S.01 Cup.


    • Always backup!
    • Download zip file
    • Open zip file
    • Unpack and copy / paste/install

    For more ClimaxF1 Liveries/Skins, Steering wheels, Team Garages, Race Suits, Gloves & Fantasy Skins please browse my downloads section here:


    Thanks for all the support guys and this great racing community! So many good people online!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Allen Roberts
    Allen Roberts
    Version: v1.1
    Great skin just need more for ams maybe some v8 skins too
  2. dreamer al
    dreamer al
    Version: v1.1
    Great skin as always. Thank you for sharing (btw I was eventually able to download EEC GT3).
  3. Frankenstein795
    Version: v1.0
    Gorgeous skin! nice job!
    1. ClimaxF1
      Author's Response
      Much appreciated, thank you!
  4. BlkJello
    Version: v1.0
    Love this mod and your skin. Thanks abunch! :)
    1. ClimaxF1
      Author's Response
      Myself and this skin looks so good on track.
      Thanks for the review!