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Would you be interested in playing a demo version of racing titles?

  • Yes, I already play game demos

    Votes: 76 38.2%
  • I don’t play demos, but I’d be interested

    Votes: 68 34.2%
  • I might play a demo

    Votes: 37 18.6%
  • I’m not interested in playing demo games

    Votes: 18 9.0%

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Renault Mild Seven 2015-04-26

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Latest reviews

I have use this skin and it is awesome :) I most say even though you might not care for this game anymore I wold like to make a request could you make a John Deere skin for McLaren
Great job! "nicorz_f1", i want the same, i want replace lotus or manor. cant?
Perfect, but i want it replacing lotus. How I replace it?
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