Redding and Crutchlow 2015 Update 2015-04-29

New pack including updated liveries for Redding and Crutchlow

  1. joehowley2
    Hi guys, this is a mod I made for myself really but someone requested a 2015 redding mod update so thought might as well put cals on too! So please these took a lot of time to make so do be generous enough to give it a rate! Any problems message me and I'll see what I can do, I also have a Ducati GP15, 2015 Aspar (black livery) and have the Aprilia as a WIP if anyone would like these uploaded then please do comment a request!
    Joe. Redding 1.jpg Redding 1.jpg Redding 2.jpg Redding 2.jpg Crutchlow 1.jpg Crutchlow 1.jpg Crutchlow 2.jpg Crutchlow 2.jpg