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Realistic Redbull RB16 Livery colors

Realistic Redbull RB16 Livery colors 2

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Have you ever noticed that the colors on the redbull f1 car aren't accurate? In real life the Redbull car is darker and the blue isn't as noticeable, but in the game the car is more blue-ish and that is kind of inaccurate, hence why i made this mod. This is just a drag and drop option, all you need to do is drag and drop these files into the f1 2020 game directory, let me know if you need an erp version as well.
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  1. Added an ERP version

    An alternative ERP download Version has been included. I f you don't know how to install ERP...

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I have a probleme with the drag and drop instal, the texture is blur and i don't know why.
(ERP instal is incompatible in my PC I'm waiting an Update)

Thanks in advance
you probably installed it incorrectly, i downloaded the mod on my laptop doing both methods and for me it's working perfectly fine, maybe you can try going on the path of 2020_asset_groups > f1_2020_vehicle_package > teams and from there replace the redbull folder with the one in the download rather than the whole path, maybe that could work, and also would you mind elaborating what the erp issue is? i could maybe help
erp please
i'm updating it as we speak
can u please do erp
i'm updating it right now
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