Realistic gear ratios and brake force for MotoGP class v99a

gear ratios brake force motogp

  1. surfer78z
    The Mod (current version v0.99a):

    Basically I changed some parameters based on real telemetry (only MotoGP class):
    - Gear ratios: longer 1st gear and adjusted all the others. Now you can make use of 1st gear like riders do in real life (i.e. Circuit of the Americas turns 12, 13, 14, 15 this is imposible to reproduce with the original game, now it's a joy). Default gear ratios/final gear adjusted for every track.
    - Brake force: reduced, ajusted to match real braking reference points.
    - Gearbox shift time: reduced to match seamless gearbox.
    - LCS (Launch Control System): adjusted to match real MotoGP acceleration.
    - Tyre Grip/Decay: adjusted to match real corner speed (all tyres for all conditions. (Medium/Hard tyres grip need further testing)
    - Engine power and bike aerodynamics: adjusted to match real top speed.
    - AI qualifying times for every track (dry conditions only)
    - AI race pace for Losail.

    Now lap times are more realistic, overall gameplay has improved, feels more natural and fluid. The bikes feel easier to ride but at the same time it's very difficult to beat the real track records. I like it. (tested only in PRO physics and MANUAL TRANSMISSION, no helps, I play with keyboard)

    With the current version of the mod there are 10 tracks where the lap times are very close to the real ones (less than 0,5% off, that's less than half a second/lap), then Sachsenring, Brno and Silverstone are a bit off (1,8% to 2,5%, that's about 2 seconds/lap), but I've discovered a pattern and I think I know how to improve even further the track times for every single track. At tracks with long corners my times are faster than real life ones, and at stop & go tracks (Motegi, Spielberg) my times are slower. So I'm testing stronger brake force with less side grip to see what happens.

    The changes in the Brake Force caused the AI to overshoot some very slow corners after long straights, I'm currently fixing this issue.

    Also made changes in some MotoGP rider skills (i.e. Zarco's Agressivity - original game: 0,3 / mod 1,0)

    Feedback and constructive criticism is always welcome.

    Installation instructions:
    1. Backup the original data.mix file (.../motogp 17/data.mix)
    2. Extract "data.mix" from .rar file
    3. Replace original data.mix with it

    This mod only works in offline modes! Changes at data.mix invalidate the game for online gameplays.

    Additional information:

    This is my first mod (well, tbh it's the 2nd one, the 1st was a sound mod for RBR, Sainz/Moya audio pace notes, which I did many many years ago, very funny indeed ;) )

    I'm always looking for realistic mods and since I started playing the MotoGP game series I noticed that there wasn't any of them fixing the original gear ratios, so I decided to make a new one from scratch.

    Thanks to:
    Dyego JhOu
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Recent Reviews

  1. Baguez
    Version: v99a
    the mod is great, But it would be better if the use of tires did not run out quickly.
  2. Giovaneveterano
    Version: 0.99
    As a physics modder, I appreciate the way you are doing this: realism. Keep it up, all the 5/5 ratings says it all.
    1. surfer78z
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot, man!. It means a lot coming from you.
  3. turo87
    Version: 0.98
    There is exactly what I was looking for! Sound is more realistic when you shift the gears and physics looks better! Are u going to make other improvements? I can't wait :)
    1. surfer78z
      Author's Response
      Very appreciated!. My goal is to make the game as realistic and enjoyable to play as I can. I think the mod is about half way now.
  4. stanson
    Version: 0.98
    This is the best mod for this game so far. This is how it should look originally. made by Milestone. Now you cant brake hard in the corner, gameplay is much more difficult what makes it so much fun. Great work!
    1. surfer78z
      Author's Response
      TYVM! in the next update there will be a much more realistic tyre grip (less grip on dry, much less grip on wet), and some other improvements
  5. enzodoodz
    Version: 0.97
    Perfect! i would like to ask what are the files you've modded on the data.mix?
    1. surfer78z
      Author's Response
      thanks! please take a look at the Support Tab, there's a lot of info there
  6. Jan Volenec
    Jan Volenec
    Version: 0.9
    nice.. Im planning to make MotoGP physics mod and maybe I will use your+mine If you dont mind.
    1. surfer78z
      Author's Response
      Yeah, of course, no problem. Looking forward for your updates. Good luck!
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