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The Complete Modding Guide 1b

Explanatory PDF about modding

  1. Giovaneveterano
    Here's the editable version on Google Drive:
    Please be careful when you're editing it.

    Hi everyone!
    I received a lot of request about tips and guides on modding and how to change things in Valentino Rossi The Game.
    I started to write a fast guide for everyone interested in the huge and complex world of modding and has some experience yet about unpack and pack mix files but he has no idea how to change to make things works correctly.
    This is only the very first chapter, but I upload it anyway because I know there are a lot of people impatient to read it and start modding.

    This is an OPEN guide, this mean everyone can write a personal section of everything he knows (physics, textures, uv mapping, animations...), change and help me to make this guide much complete as we can together. Of course I'll put him into the authors!

    Translate help: I'm Italian, you know, I write a sliggish english and this guide can be boring or incorrect, so everyone can corrects some mistakes.

Recent Reviews

  1. senbei6
    Version: 1b
    Please someone take out a mod to complete the list of historical 500cc riders 2strokes missing many top drivers Lawson Schwantz Doohan Gardner Kocinski Criville
  2. LeaderAsd
    Version: 29 June
    Really helpfull! Thank you so much! Grazie ;)
  3. Deathmagnet1C
    Version: 28 June 2016
    If I think about my abilities regarding modding the game, it consists of using the mods people release. Iam just an unskilled user.
    I want to say THANK YOU to all those people who spend hours of free time to develope mods which make this game more enjoyable.
  4. Jonix
    Version: 28 June 2016
    Added some stuff
    1. Giovaneveterano
      Author's Response
      I saw. Thanks
  5. Aljo_24
    Version: 28 June 2016
    Great job!
  6. INS_Andrea
    Version: 28 June 2016
    Ciao, sai percaso dove si trovano le texture dei caschi e delle tute? (File .mix e cartella precisa intendo :P).
    Grazie se rispondi!
    1. Giovaneveterano
      Author's Response
      Chiedi a Jonix, io con le texture non sono molto esperto!