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Realistic difficulty uploded V3 version

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I tweaked all driver skills to value wich I presume is max (1.0) .I altered tyregrip between player and AI.From tests what I did its now much bigger challenge. In rar there are two version, one with default respawn time (1,5 sec), second with respawn time (3 sec) - only for player not for AI. Try and be kind wrote comment if it works ;)

Latest updates

  1. to choose

    uploded V3 version as it shoud be bit faster then final but Ai is bit more wild. You can choose...
  2. FINAL fixed

    sory guys final version was buged, i put default value AI was slow again, this one is alright...
  3. FINAL version

    made a tweak to AI now they are less wild on brakes.. recomended and last version have fun ;)

Latest reviews

Mod very well done friend, do you know if there is a mod for the first person camera?
Sorry RUS. Мод отличный, стало интересно играть.
you´ve nail´d the game is it should from the begining......MILESTONE watch and learn....good job mate....
very good mod, thank you mate
can u make it with mx 2, for me it seems not to be working in it only in mx1?
i checked the files and its been changeg same.. might be as MX2 are less powerfull and changes arent not that pronounced :/ will test and see, althou this games and their AI...
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