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Realistic difficulty uploded V3 version


  1. filolaos
    I tweaked all driver skills to value wich I presume is max (1.0) .I altered tyregrip between player and AI.From tests what I did its now much bigger challenge. In rar there are two version, one with default respawn time (1,5 sec), second with respawn time (3 sec) - only for player not for AI. Try and be kind wrote comment if it works ;)

Recent Reviews

  1. tomcat39
    Version: uploded V3 version
    you´ve nail´d it......now the game is perfect....like it should from the begining......MILESTONE watch and learn....good job mate....
  2. kiss ferenc
    kiss ferenc
    Version: V2
    very good mod, thank you mate
    can u make it with mx 2, for me it seems not to be working in it only in mx1?
    1. filolaos
      Author's Response
      i checked the files and its been changeg same.. might be as MX2 are less powerfull and changes arent not that pronounced :/ will test and see, althou this games and their AI...
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