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Faster AI added 5 sec get up time

test version

  1. filolaos
    Hi there, I was expecting somebody to do this, but no one done it so I have to do it myself. Just upped every driver skill (from what I read in some motogp discusion) in one file by 0.2 so best have before 1.0 now he has 1.2 and so on.. I cant really tell if its work, by last time I played game I leaved AI on realistic in dust, now I have to fight for podiums, depend on track. So basickly Im not sure if I get that worse, or AI tweak really works :/ :) . Try a tell if you have same problem, maybe then I can try faster AI more or combine it with 5 sec. fall time. Put DATA.MIX in your folder, make backup before. PS: Im not skilled at this and was unable to get DATA.MIX to pervious size to, just to let you know.

Recent Reviews

  1. tomcat39
    Version: added 5 sec get up time
    one step up for this game.....much better now...good job.
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