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Re:Zero Racing Team AMG GT3 Evo 2020

Re:Zero Racing Team AMG GT3 Evo 2020 1.1

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My next livery for ACC, it has two options for coloring, "gold" and "black", I hope you like it, I will be glad to reviews and ratings

Screenshot 2020-11-25 143457.jpg

Screenshot 2020-11-25 143515.jpg

Screenshot 2020-11-25 143538.jpg

Screenshot 2020-11-25 143555.jpg

Screenshot 2020-11-25 143610.jpg

Screenshot 2020-11-25 145949.jpg

Screenshot 2020-11-25 150027.jpg

Latest updates

  1. Re:Zero Racing Team AMG GT3 Evo 2020

    Minor bugs were removed, and a new sponsor was added to the livery

Latest reviews

Just test this skin in Suzuka. In my opinion, I do love #18 more, the bonet and roof line becoming black, make the whole car body looks more longer. I like the concept which Rem give a glare. It's fun, at some camera view, you can feel Rem keep staring at you. So much powerful haha!
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