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    Re:Zero Racing Team AMG GT3 Evo 2020 1.1

    My next livery for ACC, it has two options for coloring, "gold" and "black", I hope you like it, I will be glad to reviews and ratings
  2. M

    Richard Burns Rally Ram Issue

    I have an issue, that popped up today, I launched RBR, and it lagged liked HELL, I checked the task manager and it somehow seems, that the system only assigns about 60 megabytes of ram to the game. (Before, it assigned about 1.5 - 2 gigabytes out of 8 gigabytes that my system has) Is there a fix...
  3. Dan Costa

    Test: CPU Core count and RAM scaling in ACC, AC1 and R3E

    Hello guys Couldn't find decent data so I did these tests myself during the holidays. Max settings @ 720P (Max distances, Max shadows, Max mirrors etc) to push for the max cpu drawcalls. Heavy duty multiplayer race replays were used, with 20~30 cars. 1 entire lap per test. With the camera set...