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RDFVC Season 1 Skin Pack 1.6

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Skin pack for the Race Department Formula Vee Championship Season 1. Skins created by participants and Davy Vandevenne. Huge thanks to Davy Vandevenne for his work to compile the skin pack, create the rfm, etc.

Simply extract the GameData and rfm folders into your install and let it merge.
GSC 2014-09-27 10-59-17-23.jpg
GSC 2014-09-27 10-58-20-48.png
GSC 2014-09-27 10-57-59-09.png
GSC 2014-09-27 10-58-29-04.png
GSC 2014-09-27 10-58-39-58.png
GSC 2014-09-27 10-59-08-62.png

Latest updates

  1. Now for Club Events

    All the RD skins for the Vees are now available for use in the race club (shares class with...
  2. Added Skins

    Adds skins of drivers joining the championship; removes some of those who dropped out. If you...
  3. Adds new skin

    Adds new skin for the RDFVC. Just extract and let it overwrite. Easy peasy.
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